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"O III" Putters  available from U S America Inc.

Made in USA

For the last 50 years  these putters  have been synonymous with Championship Golf. These putters have been manufactured by O III Mfg. Co. Inc. and were responsible for over 150 Tour titles and have been used on all Tours.  Hand-crafted hickory shafts, individually wrapped leather grips, and precision honed heads make these still the finest putters in the world today.

Now through a special arrangement with Otey Crisman III, the owner of O III Manufacturing Co. Inc., our distributorship U S America, Inc. will market these unique classic putters  to be sold over the Internet. Because of the time and craftsmanship that goes into each club, there will still only be a limited number produced each year. Whether for use on the course-or as a prized piece of golf history-these clubs will continue to thrill you year after year.

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70 HB / Classic  Mallet. Medium Head Brass Insert Offset Hosel Flat Top grip.

18 HB / Slightly Larger Pear Shaped Mallet, Offset Hosel Brass Face Insert and Flat Top Grip.

71 HB / Flanged Mallet Offset Hosel Flat Top Grip

16 HB / Narrow pear-shaped mallet with square toe and straight hosel.

4 HB / More Square Head design Slightly Offset Square Hosel and Flat Top Grip.


Feature larger heads, deep faces, superb balance with oversized leather flat top grip maintaining traditional look and feel.

310 HB / Largest of the line, squared heel and toe to help alignment, square double goose hosel putts and feels like center shaft.

320 HB / Long thin conventional deep faced mallet w/offset hosel, oversized reminder grip.

330 HB / Deep faced smaller head is a reduced version of the 320 HB.





38 H / Classic Flanged Blade with an offset hosel and flat top grip.

Old Goosie H / Reproduction of the Classic Scottish Blade.

340 H / Thin deep-faced blade with slight offset and flat top grip.

30 H / Center-shafted flanged blade design. Slight offset flat top grip.

Golden Touch / O III version of the classic center shafted blade. Flat top grip.




16 HBW / Hickory Brass Wood Pear Mallet with Straight Hosel & Flat Top Grip.

18 HBW / Hickory Brass Wood Pear Mallet with Offset Hosel & Flat Top Leather Grip.

15 HW / Bronze Center-shafted blade with Offset Hosel & Flat Top Grip.

3 HW / Same Head Design as 15 HW but Straight Hosel & Flat Top Grip




60 Degree Hickory Shafted Lob Wedge


Do-jigger H

Rounded front edge and radiused sole help eliminate scuffed shots. Bronze head and round grip.


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